Best 10 High Profile Bathroom Mirrors Online At Best Price

As we keep hearing, Patience is the key to success, similarly, bathroom mirrors are the key to your home interior.

Bathroom mirrors are often valued more than living room or bedroom mirrors, there is an obvious reason to justify the above claim, c’mon there is no denying that we often use them for putting heavy load makeup or shaving accessories or taking a last wink before running out from washrooms.  

It is an art to choose best for your interior as it can be a subject of appreciation in family or friends get together, small appreciative words from our loving ones can make the day. It creates satisfaction that you make the right decision in choosing a perfect bathroom mirror for your home.

So be ready to add an ultra extra layer of exquisite art that enhances your desire to decorate your home with something out of the box. Here we are presenting the top 10 Bathroom mirrors to decorate your home interior designs at a budget-friendly price. 

1. Eclipse Wall Mirror

The eclipse wall mirror is the favorite bathroom wall mirror choice of our experts, It occupied the first position in the list is itself a testimony to its elegant look & high-rated mirror.

This symbolic mirror inspires by the moon’s shape forming during once in a year natural phenomenon known as lunar eclipse (and hence the name of the mirror) as it forms when the moon comes into earth’s shadows.

And the sun, the earth, and the moon are closely aligned with each other testifying to nature’s love and power to us, similarly, this mirror also reflects love and power to the interior decor design because of its unique moon shape.

The mirror came with a 5 mm Saint Gobain glass, bevel finishing, heat and water-free resistance and a package of complementary necessary accessories.

2. Decorative Round Accent Wall Mirror

Decorative round accent mirror is my favorite bathroom mirror because of its minimalist design that adds flexibility to home decor, enhancing the look of a rectangle wall, perfectly suing the on-trend fashion of home decor and interior.

Its lightweight accompanies an easy installation from here and there to the home. This mirror can add an extra exquisite form of beauty when hanging in a proper place, it can be above the wash basin in the bathroom or in a bedroom beside a beautiful painting.

The chord of the mirror is designed to give a transparency classy and aesthetic look. Be a game winner of choosing this perfect mirror for your home. 

3. Frameless Bathroom Mirror

If you are a lover of something classic, timeless beauty, and a simple look then consider this oval-shaped frameless mirror from Mallik design brand, not gonna disappoint you.

The mirror is paired up with minimal accessories, bevel edge finishing with no frosting issue, and a handmade lining work that never goes out of style. This high-profile branded mirror is commonly used in a 5-star hotels or luxurious farms.

Frameless mirrors truly justify the proverb that simplicity is a new beauty. Order this one, and add a simple yet attractive piece to your collection.

4. Wood Frame Rectangular Mirror

Add visual attentiveness and dynamic approach to your bathroom with this uniquely designed wood frame rectangular mirror from mallik design collection.

This dazzling mirror in bathrooms can make you feel fresh with the desire to give the bathroom a high end modern vibe. What makes it special is the sideline black wood that comes along with the attachments of the main mirror.

You can customize the size or color of the mirror and wood simultaneously, according to the theme of your interior home design, white wall perfectly matched with black color wood frame mirror.

The mirror comes with 5 mm Saint Gobain glass, and two hanging hooks with a high-resolution power mirror.

5. Wood Frame Round Mirror

Complementary attached wood to the mirror is perfect if you’re planning to jam and roam around the vanity, Compliments will single-handedly start rolling over the top-notch voice in your home.

This uniquely designed wood mirror transits a radiant look to the bathroom if properly hung in a place above the basin. Be ready to receive a ton of appreciation from your friends and relatives. Its wood can be spacious and help in the storage of brushes and pins.

The high-end geometric shape adds a perfect dimension which makes your bathroom look stunning and unconditionally radiant. The 5 mm thickness of glass erases all the worrisome related to the quality. 

6. Wooden Wall Mirror

If you are planning to give your home a royal touch, then this is the perfect figure-out mirror choice for home and bathroom interior design look. The upper portion looks like a Taj inspired by the seven wanderer Taj Mahal.

This luxurious masterpiece looks stunning, radiant, and outstanding creativity art wherever it hangs. The mirror is available in several brass finishes, the cast-wood frame features a scrolled sword and is sturdy and durable.

Whoever feels connected to the mythological stories or believes in the richness of Indian culture, surely loves this art piece from the core of their heart. 

7. Bathroom Wall Mirror

Mirror is defined by its shape, the more is the sharpness in the shape, more it look beautiful.

These octagonal-shaped mirror has eight parts, each part containing bevel end finishing, with sharpened edge and vertical lining making it a perfect mirror for rectangular plain wall or artistic wall.

This aesthetic mirror adds flexibility or a modern look with a minimal design approach to the bathroom without breaking your bank. 

8.3D Square Contemporary Beveled Polished

Fascinated by 3 dimensions art, then this is worth investing in a 3D contemporary mirror for interior design style.

This mirror gives a dreamy look inspired by perfect geometric, symmetrical cut, sharp lining edge, and bevel finishing with high profile 3d art.

The best part is the borderline design coming outward from the frame mirror giving a classic chrome look and creating a visualization of a larger space. It is an uniquely designed mirror to give a not-so-common fascinated look in contrast to your guest bath. It can hang above the washbasin vertically or horizontally.

Be different from others by opting for, this 3D contemporary mirror, which is known for its upgraded mirror in the mirror universe.

9. Home Center Mirror

Home Center Mirror is the premium mirror in our collection. It is a limited edition that will leave your home space in an extreme royal fashion deem. Venetian Mirror is best known for its royal classic approach to the interior.

All wedges have a fine handmade work, matched to the richness of aristocratic, dignified, and noble look of the art representing interior design. 

In addition, this mirror contains keys hiding the segments of the mirror to give a perfect radiant look. 

With 5 mm thick Saint Gobain glass, limiting the chances of mirror breakage, as it happens in fragile items, heat resistance, High-quality solid wood, possibly waterproof with a long-lasting impact.

10. Vanity Wall Art Frame

A secret to the long-lasting collaboration bond to the interior is this Vanity wall art presenting the bathroom mirror.

This round spacious with sideline border curved look immensely beautiful on the bathroom wall. As a result, admired for its expansive counter space and sideline circumference sink design.

It is ideal for bathrooms since vanity mirrors can be swiveled around a rod so that they can be easily adjusted based on the time of day and lighting in the room.

How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror

The size

It should be just the right size for your vanity: not too small so it looks awkward, but not so large that it takes over the entire wall.

You should also consider the size of your bathroom. In a small bathroom, for example, you do not want something too bulky and overwhelming. A mirror, however, enlarges a room, and a small mirror will not be useful if you need it in the morning when you are getting ready.

The shape

You can choose from rectangular or circular mirrors, and the shape you choose depends on your personal taste. A round mirror gives a more stylish, softer look while an angular mirror creates a modern, sleek appearance.

One way to create the illusion of a double vanity is to install one long rectangular mirror or two identical mirrors side by side to create distinct sink zones.


If you have a limited amount of bathroom space, you should look for a mirror with storage, whether that’s on or around the mirror or hidden behind the mirror.

Many medicine cabinets these days are quite stylish, while mirrors with shelves help you keep your favorite products within reach.

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