Best Wall Mirror for Home Decor

The perfect finishing touch for your interiors is a statement mirror that creates the illusion of a larger space.

The right mirror can balance out the scheme and draw attention to your walls, whether it’s an oversized design – perfect for a dramatic look – or a collection of smaller ones.

An appropriately placed mirror will maximize the natural light available in a room, not only brightening it but also creating the illusion of more space.

Mirrors can be hung in a variety of places, including above the mantelpiece in the living room or the dining room wall in the dining room. Generally, mirrors can open up small spaces, like entrance halls, particularly well. A vase full of flowers can be placed on top of them and paired with a console table or similar. Not only will your blooms appear bigger, but they will also appear brighter.

Looking to make a statement with a mirror? Here are some of our favorites…

Best Wall Mirror Available exclusively on Mallik Design

1. Square Frameless Mirror

The Mallik’s Design Wall Mirror is stylish, durable, and chic. A polystyrene frame molding enhances any space instantly. Added depth and dimension to any space, this frame has a pewter finish and ridged edges. It has 4D ring hangers for easy installation. They also provide options for hanging it vertically or horizontally. In addition to fitting into most decor themes, this mirror can be hung in your bedroom, living room, lobby, or bathroom. If you’re looking for a chic and sophisticated mirror for your living room, this one should be your choice!

2. Gold Wood Frame Mirror

This classy and highly durable Gold Wood Frame Mirror is protected by its signature design. The design adds focus and texture to the mirror. The accented mirror will make a bold statement in your room! 

A modern frame such as this one is safe and secure. Its minimalist style and natural light make it an Instagram-worthy mirror! In terms of functionality, round mirrors reflect the light better, reflecting it towards the center. Additionally, this mirror creates an illusion of depth and dimension by playing with light and reflection. This creates an illusion of space and light, which works well for bathrooms and closets. These mirrors come in a variety of colors, including charcoal, spruce, gray, coral, brass, titanium, and black. 

3. Black and Silver Round Frameless Mirror

The handcrafted mirror by Mallik Design measures 24 inches in diameter and is made with extreme attention to detail. Real silver is used to create a perfect reflection. Your home will look stunning with this round mirror! Whether country, industrial, farmhouse, modern, industrial, or rustic style houses, its matte black frame looks great. The hooks come with anchors for easy hanging. Rustic and timeless, the metal frame adds to the rustic style. Packaged in a safe manner, this mirror is durable and of high quality. 

4. Black and Silver Wall Mirror

With curvy black and silver lines, this timeless work of art from Mallik Design looks great in the living room or bedroom. This mirror’s wooden backing protects its custom inlaid glass, while the reinforced D-ring hooks ensure its stability. The mirror can be hung horizontally or vertically. Due to its curvy design, this mirror looks very stylish. There are three anchor options. A protective air cushion is created by an inch of air space between the frame and the mirror. The design is elegant and sophisticated.

5. 3D Square Contemporary Beveled Polished

Mallik Design’s white rectangle wall mirror makes a lovely addition to your home decor. Its vintage flair is complemented by a hint of contemporary style. It can transform the appearance of a room when hung on the wall because of its decorative plastic frame. With all the hardware already installed, this classic mirror comes in a box that is individually wrapped. It can be easily hung. It is ideal for use in the living room or the bedroom. Your interior decor is enhanced with delicate vines that add an air of class. 

6. Heart Wall Mirror

Handcrafted from nickel-plated metal, this heart-shaped swirl mirror will complement any interior scheme. Additionally to bouncing around light, it is a perfect statement for any empty wall. 

Thanks to its unique shape, this mirror will make your wall look like an art piece. Just hang vertically to transform your room.

7.Classic Wall Mirror

This gorgeous venetian mirror has been handcrafted in India and will spruce up your room like no other. 

An art decor wall mirror with a stylish square frame is perfect for making a statement. You can find the perfect one for your room with its glamorous geometric design and transparent white color. 

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