Living Room Mirror decorating Ideas

Mirrors are a great way to decorate a living room

In addition to their practical function as a means of personal grooming, strategically placing mirrors throughout your bedroom, entryway, or living room will bring life and sparkle to otherwise overlooked areas. 

When used properly, mirrors can give the illusion of a larger, brighter room and visually increase the size of a small home.

With the right decorative mirror, your living room can be enhanced, adding character and finesse to the most visible space in your home. 

You can choose the right mirror for your living room and place it according to the following tips.

The following tips will help you choose and place mirrors in your living room:

1. Right next to the window

This is a perfect way to enhance your living space if you have a large mirror opposite the window. It gives the illusion of more space and reflects light. I recommend an ornate rectangular mirror for this purpose.

The mirror will reflect all the light that comes in from the window throughout the room, and who doesn’t like light, right?

2. Over the mantel

Mantels are not usually found in Indian homes, except in heritage homes and mansions. 

An oval or rectangular mirror can be hung above the mantel rather than an oil painting. Make sure the frame matches the style of the room.

3. On the other side of the hall

An entryway mirror or one placed in the hallway can make the living room appear larger and more spacious. 

Be sure to match the mirror’s size with the living room. You might consider a small decorative mirror.

4. Clinging to a wall

The trendier way to decorate a living room with a mirror is an inclined mirror positioned in the corner. 

Such a mirror would look great in a studio apartment. As a dressing mirror, it can also be used in an emergency. 

Despite its compact size, it refines the setting. Be sure to choose a mirror with generous proportions or a full-length mirror.

5. Wall decor

Install a series of mirrors of different shapes and sizes in your living room to make clever use of mirrors. This will give your living room a more eclectic look.

Here are some tips for your living room. Be sure that your mirror enhances your room’s aesthetics and brightens up your decor tastefully. Your friends will be jealous when they see your mirror.


Even a small and dark living room can benefit from mirrors, whether it is large and bright or small and dark. 

From mirrored walls which can make your living room feel twice as big to modern silhouettes and rustic finishes, here are some dazzling living room mirror ideas you may enjoy. 

1. Design small rooms to appear spacious

A well-placed mirror can lighten and enlarge a room in addition to adding an element of interesting design, says Pacey. One of the best small living room ideas is to add a mirror, which can create the illusion of more space in a small living room. 

Mirrors can give a room a feeling of expansiveness and reflect the outdoors. Put one opposite or very near a window. 

It makes the room feel twice as large when there are full-length mirrors on the walls. However, small mirrors also have a significant impact on the room’s feel. 

2. Follow the circle in full 

Choose a shape that is a perfect circle when it comes to your living room mirror. With its on-trend shape, the mirror feels like a portal to a parallel world, especially if it is framed minimally. 

Any room can benefit from the choice, but it looks particularly good when combined with other mid-century modern living room ideas. 

The living room of Christine Retlev’s 1930s West Village apartment features a beautiful Otto Schulz mirror that matches perfectly with the Scandinavian furniture from the mid-century period. 

3. Believe in what you reflect

Placement of the mirror is only half the story – you should also consider what is opposite it. 

Put some thought into how you want your placement to reflect your personality. 

A mirror can be used to display your favorite piece of art in an unexpected corner, opposite a window to let the light in, or in a passageway to reveal what’s inside the next room. 

Tilting your mirrors towards a focal point will also give the illusion of depth.

Here are five ways to make your home seem bigger by using mirrors

With the magic of mirrors, you can expand small rooms, cramped corners and narrow passageways

1. Keep them in a hallway

It is possible for galleries or hallways to appear gloomy, dark, and dull if they are not properly maintained. Consider using mirrors for decoration in this area if works of art on the walls or good lighting are not enough. 

Put a mirror near the end of the hallway. Not only will this bounce light off of the other areas, but it will open up the passage and make it feel more connected to the rest of the house.

2. Install one behind a piece of furniture

To create the illusion that your living room is larger, place a mirror behind a key piece of furniture, such as a sofa, if your room is small. 

This will also liven up your space and add a touch of shimmer. Maybe it’s similar to how restaurants have mirrored walls to add glam? That’s also an option.

3. Reflect it like a window

Place a floor-to-ceiling mirror so that it reflects the view from a nearby window in a dull and dimly lit room. The daytime reflection of natural light and a constant view of the world will be ensured.

4. Attach them to a closet or door…

If you have big, smart ideas, a tiny bedroom does not need to evoke claustrophobia. To create the illusion of more space, why not install mirrors on doors or cabinets? In addition, you have a mirror at your disposal at all times.

5. You can use them as wall paneling…

In a small living room filled with decorative objects and curios, an entirely mirror wall can feel overpowering, reflecting every last detail. 

The following picture shows an option that works – strips of mirror paneling alternated with wood will limit reflection while creating the illusion of space. You’re also adding a nice touch to the room.

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