Top 7 Best Living Room Mirror For Home Decor Ideas

Living Room Mirror

The most fascinating decorative piece of art is the mirror. Besides reflecting the objects’ images, it can also reflect the surrounding materials’ personalities. Adding a simple Frameless with frame mirror to your home can even enhance it without any additional furniture or decorative materials. Adding mirrors to your home increases its aesthetics. 

What are the best ideas for putting mirrors on the walls of a living room? 

Here are some ideas for reflective living room decorating that you won’t need to search through the looking glass for. 

Besides improving the aesthetics of your living room, it can also improve its proportions.

The versatility of mirrors and their ability to make a statement in almost any room has made them favorite tools of interior designers for decades.  You might also like our wash basin mirror exclusively available now at Mallik Design.

Best Living Mirror available on market

1. Round Frameless Mirror

Isn’t it gorgeous? The simplicity of the mirror makes it beautiful. For a square wall, a round mirror would work best. The descriptive part of this mirror describes the beauty of your room.

It is always a good idea to have a circular mirror. For a timeless look, it has a metal frame. The mirror is usually 24 inches by 24 inches, but it depends on the size of the space. With brackets, clips, and hooks included, mounting your new mirror should be a breeze.

Various sizes and finishes make this an extremely versatile option. If you want a modern look, use black or blue, or if you want a touch of glam, use brass. With this mirror, you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

2. Long Wall Mirror

For the proper support of your home, every house has a pillar. Your room or hall will look perfect with this rectangular mirror if it has a wide pillar or decorative wall. This mirror will give a classical look to your home, and you will surely get a lot of compliments for choosing it. 

With a bronze grid finish that oozes luxury, the Quality Mirror is the perfect statement piece for your entryway or over your couch. If your furniture and interior design choices allow it, you can mount the large mirror vertically or horizontally using D-ring hangers. No matter what you do, you’ll be dazzled by this mirror, which measures 18 x 36 inches


3. Wooden Wall Mirror

wooden mirror

Mirrors of 24 inches can give your room a stylish look and feel if you want to open it up. Adding a designer touch to any room is as easy as adding one of our Brass, Antique Bronze, and Brushed Nickel Wall Mirrors. 

The wood associated with the back of the mirrors is of high quality wood, the paints were are superior chemical composition paint. The color of the mirror will give a shiny appearance to the surrounding.

The mirror can either be hung or propped on top of your dresser instead of using the hanging hardware. You can choose the one that suits your style best.

4. Wood Frame Wall Rectangular Mirror

For those who want a wooden mirror in their bathroom, the water-resistant mirror is the perfect addition. Wood mirrors are treated with water to resist moisture on their backsides. They look best in a dashing wall with a small and elegant rectangle mirror. Water and heat don’t affect the back wood, which is of the highest quality.

The plain style of this mirror is very appealing. It is lightweight since it is made of fiberwood, so you can place it on a tiled floor easily. Select a mirror that is designed to last for a long time.

5. Gold Wood Frame Round Wall Mirror

An attached round mirror is attached to a square piece of wood. Different mirrors are reflected in these pieces. Mirrors like this are not common in other places. A unique design like this would fit perfectly above a console table. 

You’ll love this cool looking wood wall mirror if you want to place it in your living room or in your bedroom. This square wooden mirror has a golden finish, giving it a rich, royal appearance. Hooks are attached to the frame for securing keys, umbrellas, belts, etc. 

In the storage compartments, you can also store items. Gold wood mirrors are great because they are large enough for everyone in the house to use.

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